Raising Women’s Self-esteem

Although women live full lives, uplifting those around them and achieving success, and although women make up more than half the work force, many report that they suffer lack of self-esteem. If women measure their self-worth primarily by outer means—such as appearance, approval from others, or the size of their paycheck—their sense of security and confidence may fluctuate with changing circumstances.

Due to stress, fatigue, and lack of inner happiness, negative thoughts about one’s self may undermine the ability to be strong, confident and self-assured. The TM technique helps us develop a strong self-concept while reducing anxiety, fatigue and depression.


The Transcendental Meditation technique allows a woman to dive within, beyond the noise, beyond the images of models, beyond social dictates, where she effortlessly experiences deeper levels of her being—more expansive and free from the limitations of self-doubt, stress and fatigue. Studies have shown the TM practice develops a more strongly defined self-concept, with meditators perceiving their “actual self” as significantly closer to their “ideal self.”

In addition, the deep rest gained during twice-daily practice helps relieve anxiety and depression, and improves brain function. A woman’s self-image naturally transforms when she is growing in creativity, clear thinking and inner calm through TM practice.

Those practicing the TM technique developed a more strongly defined sense of self-concept, in comparison to controls. British Journal of Psychology 73: 57-68, 1982.

Confidence from within

Gaining power and confidence from within is a solid foundation for self-esteem that is not based on circumstances or approval from others. And yet, changing the way we feel about ourselves through the direct experience of our inner being is also a subtle, effective way to change how others perceive us.

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