Meditating Moms

Mothers deserve meditation probably more than anyone does. We’d like to think we’ll be able to ignore our needs while taking care of children, work and home. Children, however, are sensitive to a mother’s stress and reportedly have higher stress themselves when the mother is overworked, anxious or depressed. Daily TM practice replenishes us, giving us a healthy foundation for nourishing parenting.

A powerful stress-buster for moms

With so little time to spare for meditation, moms need a practice that is efficient and effective, and can be done sitting anywhere. The Transcendental Meditation technique is easy to learn and practice. Research has found that the TM technique produces a state of profound relaxation accompanied by increased alertness and orderly brain function. Regular practice results in decreased stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

American Psychologist 42: 879-881, 1987.

Those who practice TM, in contrast to controls, show a calmer style of physiological functioning outside of meditation. 

Fitting meditation into your busy life

Many mothers find that fitting meditation into their day more than makes up for the time it takes. Whether it’s during your baby’s nap, after your kids go to school, or before they come home, taking time to nourish yourself prepares you to be ‘on’ for others. If you work outside the home, meditating first thing in the morning or on your break at work may be best. 

Meditate, and nourish yourself

Twice-daily experience of inner silence, happiness and energy not only replenishes our depleted reserves but creates vibrant consciousness and a naturally relaxed, stress-resilient physiology.

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