Inner Happiness

Women have greater freedom, education and career opportunities than ever before, yet recent studies reveal that women are becoming increasingly less happy and are more susceptible to anxiety and depression. In contrast, research on women who practice the TM technique shows they experience increased happiness and fulfillment.

“Attend to your own inner health and happiness. Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.”


Transcendent source of happiness

Although much enjoyment is found in our experience of the world, the source of this temporal happiness lies within each of us.  Deep within, beyond thought, is the most settled state of awareness, a reservoir of creativity, intelligence and happiness.

The direct experience of this expansive consciousness satisfies our ceaseless quest for happiness and infuses joy into all our perceptions. 

Washing away stress

Accumulated stress in the nervous system clouds and restricts our awareness. During the TM technique, the body gains profound relaxation, allowing deep-rooted tensions and anxieties to melt away, rejuvenating mind and body. The brain begins to function with greater coherence and efficiency, supporting a heightened, more expansive state of awareness.

Experiencing happiness in the moment

With regular practice of the TM technique, women experience that they spontaneously find more happiness in the moment. With mind and emotions refreshed, a woman is naturally more present and engaged—and more available for others.

“TM nourishes me. It makes me more of myself. It uncovers my essence as a woman and supports me to radiate love and happiness. This daily practice has made me powerful and able to achieve my highest goals effortlessly—and by effortlessly I mean with the least time and a lot of support from the environment.”

Sara Naboulsi

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