Improving mental performance

Women often feel that due to tiredness and stress they are not as clear, present or creative as they would like to be. In addition, brain function can be inhibited by certain lifestyle factors, such as drug and alcohol use, poor diet, or crisis during childhood—in some cases contributing to disorders such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s, depression, and chronic anxiety.

The Transcendental Meditation technique improves intelligence, creativity, memory, learning ability and emotional stability as well as neurological efficiency, keeping us more alert, vibrant and astute at any age.

Brain Waves and Meditation

Neuroscientists have found that during TM practice, the brain produces high-power alpha waves. This distinct brain pattern corresponds to the state of relaxed inner wakefulness—serenity, expansion and bliss. When the alpha waves become synchronous, the seat of the brain’s executive judgement is strengthened.

A Healthier Brain

When the brain is more coherent and integrated, all the different parts communicate better, working together better as a whole. This is the basis of improved mental performance—better memory, increased creativity, broader comprehension and sharper focus. 

No other meditation technique has been found to consistently produce alpha coherence throughout the brain. Researchers have found that the experience of “transcending” restores neurological balance, inner silence, and clarity of mind. (ref: Cognitive Processing, 2010) 


Want a calm mind, collected mind?

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