Increasing Creativity

The Transcendental Meditation technique allows anyone to effortlessly tap into their latent brain capacity, the wellspring of creative intelligence within. Being creative doesn’t mean we have to be a poet, artist or musician. A mother draws on her creative energies to satisfy a child’s imagination or prepare a delicious meal. An entrepreneur relies on her creative decision-making and innovations.

Many women feel their creative spirit is consumed by tiredness, worries, anxiety, and stress.

During twice-daily TM practice, the mind settles inward and transcends busy or agitated levels of thinking and leading to profound relaxation which refreshes mind, body, and spirit, while reducing stress and fatigue that block creative expression.

Twice-daily TM practice promotes energy, spontaneity, originality, and freedom of expression.

Those practicing the TM technique showed greater participation of the whole brain in response to a stimulus. Human Physiology 25: 171-180, 1999.

 How do I Learn?

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