Finding Inner Peace and Calm

Amid the frantic pace of everyday life what we need most is peace and calm. Inner peace is fundamental to living a good life. Luckily, achieving and maintaining peace of mind doesn’t require an environment of peace and quiet—we don’t need to go to a mountaintop to attain it.

We can unlock inner peace naturally with the Transcendental Meditation technique. Through regular practice, there are many benefits that Transcendental Meditation has to offer, such as reduced stress and anxiety and even lower blood pressure, but it’s peace of mind that is of greatest value.

How would inner peace affect daily life? When you’re stuck in line at the grocery store and the contents of your purse spill on the floor just as your four-year-old starts crying–thats when you need to have inner peace.

Most of us experience stress and anxiety but those traits are on the surface of life, like turbulent waves on the ocean. Deep within each of us is a calm state of awareness just like the ocean has still silent depths. During TM, the mind transcends its turbulence to a settled inner wakeful state, infusing peace and contentment into our lives.  

The neuroscience of inner peace

Neuroscientists have found that during the TM technique the brain produces a distinct pattern which corresponds to the state of relaxed inner awareness. This foundation of inner calm becomes a feature of daily life and gives us innate confidence that we can handle whatever life brings our way.

Being calm and peaceful isn’t based on making a mood or compromising our desires. The TM technique is an effortless simple practice that enables anyone in any emotional state to spontaneously transcend and experience inner peace and live it as a permanent reality. 

Examples of published studies showing TM increases calm

Anxiety, Stress and Coping: An International Journal 1993. Reduced Job Worry and Tension; Reduced Trait Anxiety; Greater Calm (Lower Skin Conductance) During Task Performance; Improved Physiological Settledness, Satisfaction with Professional and Personal Life

Journal of Psychosomatic Research  2001. Decreased Resting Systolic Blood Pressure; Calmer Response to Stress, as Measured by Systolic Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Cardiac Output Reactivity Anxiety, Stress and Coping 1997. Significant reduction in trait anxiety occurred over the three month treatment period in the group practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique. After a three year lapse without ongoing instructor support, state anxiety, trait anxiety, and self-concept all measured significantly improved in the TM group.

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