Our Partners, Affiliates, and Friends

Together we can do so much. Transcendental Meditation for Women creates partnerships with organizations, associations, groups, clubs, and women professionals. For information on how to become our partner, please email partners@tm-women.org.

Partners through our Heart Health Initiative

Sister to Sister Foundation was our first heart-health partner. It was the first organization with a mission dedicated solely to women’s heart disease prevention and education. They empowered women through positive messaging to make simple, manageable lifestyle changes in their daily lives to lead to improved heart-health. At one time, they were the nation’s leading provider of free heart-health evaluations and performed 100,000 cardiovascular screenings with immediate results and counseling sessions to women of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. No longer a functioning organization, they paved the way for many more organizations dedicated to women and heart health.


Million Hearts® brings together existing efforts and new programs to improve health across communities and help Americans live longer, healthier, more productive lives. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are the co-leaders of Million Hearts® within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

SRS Heart

SRS Heart is a woman’s proactive cardiovascular practice based on knowing, caring, and understanding to reach a mutual goal.

Harboring Hearts

Harboring Hearts is a nonprofit organization providing financial and emotional resources to heart patients and their families during the critical time of treatment.

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​Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association is an international professional organization that impacts patient outcomes through evidence-based cardiovascular care. PCNA’s mission includes developing and promoting nurses as leaders in this field and supporting comprehensive risk​ ​reduction strategies for individuals and populations across the lifespan.

Partners through TM for Women


Fatigues to FabulousTM (F2F) is a national campaign designed to support those women serving in our nation’s military, and the unique issues faced by women veterans. The campaign supports three 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations: the ‘Society for Women’s Health Research,’ ‘Grace After Fire,’ and ‘Save a Suit Foundation.’ F2F is working to assist military women make the “About Face” transition from military to civilian life. It is our mission to raise awareness of the challenges women face upon return, and harness resources to support them. F2F’s goal, along with our partners, is to provide valuable job training skills including: resume building, interviewing skills and workplace attire advice. We are also dedicated to raising funds for continued research on health conditions women veterans face returning from service.

2020 women on boards

2020 Women on Boards is a national campaign to increase the percentage of women on US company boards to 20% or greater by the year 2020. Launched in December 2010, the consumer-oriented, grass roots campaign is redefining good corporate governance, gender diversity standards and creating a cultural imperative for corporate action.

We congratulate companies for achieving or surpassing the 20% goal and encourage companies that don’t to do better. We provide this information and related benchmarks in the 2020 Gender Diversity Directory, a database of public and private companies showing board composition by gender. 2020 Women on Boards publishes the 2020 Index, an annual analysis of the board composition of Fortune 1000 companies. The campaign is sweeping the country, with thousands of supporters and 2020 chapters in cities across the US.

nurse talk radio

The Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Grand Challenge is a social movement designed to transform the health of the nation by improving the health of the nation’s 3.6 million registered nurses. ​As the largest subset of health care workers, nurses are critical to America’s healthcare system​,​​ so the well-being of nurses is fundamental to the health of our nation​. The HNHN GC will​ ​broadly connect and engage individual nurses and partner organizations to take action within five domains: activity, sleep, nutrition, quality of life, and safety​. It will ​provide a web platform to inspire action, cultivate friendly competition, provide content and resources to nurses, gather data, and connect nurses with each other, with employers, and organizations

lean in

When a woman helps another woman, they both benefit. And when women celebrate one another’s accomplishments, we’re all lifted up. Together women can do more, go further, and change the world. Let’s Lean In Together.

nurse talk radio

Nurse Talk Radio – where laughter is the best medicine – was the brainchild of two seasoned nurses, RN’s Casey Hobbs & Maggie Mc Dermott. Since 2009, Nurse Talk has broadcast nationally from the San Francisco Bay Area on topics ranging from patient care to patient safety, understaffed hospitals, and environmental issues that impact our nations health. We are proud to be a supporting partner of the TM Program for Women

ohio association of occupational health nurses

The Ohio Association of Occupational Health Nurses is an organization of approximately 300 nurses who practice occupational health nursing. OAOHN works together with the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) to promote and advance the field of occupational health nursing. When you become a member of AAOHN, you will also be a member of OAOHN.

PIPH is San Diego’s first pediatric practice to blend pediatric practitioners and complementary health care providers who collaborate under one roof.  Together we offer the best of evidence-based conventional medicine and evidence-based complementary approaches in a coordinated way to support your child’s innate healing systems. We emphasize a natural, holistic, patient-focused approach to disease management, health care and wellness. 

Our office offers a variety of services from acupuncture, manual therapies, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, HeartMath and salt room alongside more typical treatments such as antibiotics and vaccines.  PIPH offers a variety of classes in our large studio and teaching kitchen including cooking classes, the Transcendental Meditation program, yoga, and sound therapy. Our hope is that you and your family experience the power of a more holistic way of healthy balanced living, disease prevention, treatment and healing. 

Laura Eiman
Certified Mental Toughness coach for women

Laura Eiman is a certified mental toughness coach for women. She coaches women executives to think like a Navy SEAL and develop the habits of an Olympic athlete so they can live balanced, productive, joyful lives at home and at work.

Our Affiliates


vpk® by Maharishi Ayurveda — The goal of our natural approach to wellness is to restore and maintain balance in mind and body. Our powerful vpk® formulations are based on ancient, traditional, synergistic blends of herbs, using the knowledge of whole plants and ancient lifestyle tips. Originating in India, vpk® by Maharishi Ayurveda is the first and oldest Ayurveda products company in the United States. At the heart of our facilities, we employ 20 master Vaidyas, traditional Ayurvedic experts, who have undergone years of training. To maintain authentic knowledge these Vaidyas oversee every step of the manufacturing process. Our top selling trio of heart health herbal products: cardio support, cholesterol protection and bp balance, will support and nourish your physical and emotional heart from the daily pressures of a stressed lifestyle. Our mission: to meet our customers’ health goals by creating balance where imbalance exists. vpk®…it’s all about balance.

DLF, a 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 2005 to fund the implementation of scientifically proven stress-reducing modalities, including the Transcendental Meditation program, for at-risk populations such as underserved inner-city students; veterans with PTSD and their families; and women and children who are victims of violence and abuse. The David Lynch Foundation Women’s Initiative partners with leaders in the field of domestic violence, military sexual assault, human trafficking and other organizations in the U.S. and around the world that provide support to women and children who need it most.


At the heart of The Raj are profound treatment programs that help restore balance and reawaken the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Because the treatments are only a part of a comprehensive approach to creating health, guests at The Raj also gain an understanding of how all the various aspects of their lives are interrelated and contribute either positively or negatively to overall well being. Not only do our guests go home feeling renewed in body and spirit, they also report the benefits from their stay continue to grow, long after they have returned home. To book your stay, call 800 864-8714 ext. 9000 or TheRaj.com

United Women’s Platform for Empowerment and Development (UWOPED) was founded in 2009 to serve single, illiterate mothers in the village of Nsambya in Kampala, Uganda. UWOPED offers various training and educational programs, including the Transcendental Meditation technique, to help these women build practical skills and capabilities. UWOPED’s expressed goal is to transform these women “from hopelessness to a state of productive excellence.” In 2013, African Women and Girls Organization and UWOPED collaborated with Dr. Leslee Goldstein in the USA to evaluate the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique in the lives of these women. The study measured the effect of the TM practice on self-efficacy (one’s perceived ability to deal with challenges in life, and a critical component of empowerment), perceived stress, and mental and physical quality of life.

The Ideal Girls School (IGS) in Uganda. was created to fill the need for education for girls in Uganda. The Transcendental Meditation program is a core feature of the school—all students learn the TM technique upon entering the school and enjoy twice daily practice at the beginning and end of the school day. Educated women understand how to feed and care for their families, but most Ugandan girls do not even attend secondary school, and even fewer complete their secondary school years or attend a university. Another example of the need for education for girls is in combatting HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Ideal Girls School education gives girls a natural focus on more life-supporting values and is helping to make Ugandan families healthier.

Dhammajarinee Witthaya School, Directed by Acharn Yai Maechee Aunampai, is the first and only free Buddhist boarding school assuring safety, meals and medical care for disadvantaged girls in Thailand. For over two decades, DWS has provided quality, award-winning education, the Transcendental Meditation program, and traditional Buddhist instruction. The faculty says that at the heart of these students’ transformation from illiteracy to academic leadership is the students’ daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. Without this opportunity, problems of poverty, neglect, and abuse would continue when these girls grow up and have children of their own. 


Dr. Pamela Peeke is a nationally renowned physician, scientist, expert and thought leader in the fields of integrative and preventive medicine.

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Michelle Joy Kramer, CHHC, AADP is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who  assists individuals and corporate teams in achieving their optimal health through healthy lifestyle choices regarding nutrition, exercise, spirituality, relationships, and careers.

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Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed lecturer, activist and author of four #1 New York Times bestselling books. She has been one of America’s most well-known public voices for more than three decades. 

Nancy K. Lonsdorf, MD is an Integrative Medicine Doctor located in Fairfield, IA & San Diego, CA.Named “one of the nation’s most prominent Ayurvedic doctors” by the Chicago Tribune, Dr. Lonsdorf is a popular speaker, author, teacher and recognized Ayurvedic expert specializing in women’s health issues. 

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary’s combined expertise in both modern neurology and the ancient science of health known as Ayurveda has uniquely positioned her as an expert able to pull from the broadest possible base to treat her clients. 

Lois Lee is the is the world’s leading expert in rescuing child sex trafficking victims. She is the founder and President of Children of the Night, a privately funded non-profit organization established in 1979 with the specific purpose of providing intervention in the lives of children who are sexually exploited and vulnerable to, or involved in, prostitution and pornography. 

Ibu Robin Lim CPM is a Filipino–American midwife, mother, grandmother, and founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat, a non-profit organization in Indonesia. Lim also serves on the board of Bumi–Wadah Philippines. Her passion is Human Rights in Childbirth. She believes that each individual is an essential “Piece of Peace” and therefore by protecting mothers in childbirth and newborns (our smallest citizens of Earth) we may build peace, one Baby, one Mother, one Family at a time. 

Melanie Brown PhD is the Executive Director of the Communiversity of South Africa, a new and exciting venture in pre-college and community education, focused on the present need for relevant trades, skills, and professional development.

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Lisa Smith of Monster Proof Your Child, hosts workshops, has authored three books, and gives private consultations. Her credentials include a Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology, certification in Family Effectiveness Training, and as a Neurodevelopmentalist.

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Ellen Dolgen, spurred by her own experience struggling with the symptoms of menopause, is devoted to helping women everywhere.

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Dr. Erin Stair, MD, MPH is the founder of Blooming Wellness, a holistic health company that focuses on cultivating a well mind, body and spirit through humor, fun, and common sense.

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Actress Pippa White heads, and is an award-winning solo performer, in One’s Company Productions , a collection of history-based one-woman shows. Pippa has crisscrossed the country many times with these shows, performing in over 30 states.

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