Parenting Teenagers

Parenting can be stressful when teens, attempting to establish their identity, push against boundaries—and often push their moms away, too. Mothers struggle with the desire to remain connected to their teenager while at the same time allowing the child freedom to mature. Often the mother herself needs to grow and develop her own autonomy alongside her teen’s developing independence. Transcendental Meditation helps us successfully parent teens.

Creating inner calm

The Transcendental Meditation technique provides a way to access quieter levels of one’s self that are more blissful, expansive, and serene. The deep relaxation gained during just a few minutes of the TM practice releases accumulated stress and fatigue, allowing a mother to be more tolerant, patient, and flexible. After meditation she is better equipped to withstand a push/pull relationship with her teenager.

Physiology & Behavior 35: 591-595, 1985.

Individuals practicing TM showed significantly increased skin resistance (measure of calmness) during the practice, in contrast to controls. 

Dissolving family stress

When a mother can manage her own emotions and is stable and self-reliant, the home becomes the sanctuary it is meant to be. Teens like to bring their friends home when it’s a loving, relaxed, forgiving place. And when parents and children are all meditating, family life becomes more harmonious because stress is released during meditation, instead of through outbursts and arguments.

Page for teens: this page was designed and written to introduce the TM program to young women.

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