June 2024

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In the northern hemisphere, June means Summer is on the horizon with a promise of bright sunny days and nature in bloom. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote “…I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” This Summer, we can refresh our emotions, perceptions and behavior twice daily with the TM technique by tapping into inner Being and emerging renewed.

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Have you had a few minutes to read the articles posted on our blog in May? If you haven’t, the links are below. You can also visit our blog homepage at any time to search for topics as diverse as the relationship between meditation and shopping and Maasai women learn TM.

Consciousness Is All There Is is a groundbreaking book that reveals how to simply and profoundly live a life worth living, finding within ourselves the fundamentals of happiness, good health, and fulfillment.

According to Consciousness Is All There Is, the truth of reality is that consciousness is primary, and matter and energy are secondary; through illustrations and easy-to-understand examples, the book reveals the validity of this statement, diving into philosophy, logic, and supporting science. By clearly conveying that matter, energy, and mind are different aspects of one common reality, the book sets forth how to rise to higher states of consciousness to end suffering and gain greater freedom and self-reliance.

Not to worry. There is at least one simple way to help yourself stay as clear as possible despite the relentless ascent into older age.

Scientific research shows that the Transcendental Meditation technique produces synchronous alpha waves in the prefrontal cortex that often spread throughout the entire brain. Studies also show that during the TM practice there is an increase of blood flow to the brain. These research findings indicate a style of more efficient, orderly brain functioning—the different parts of the brain are communicating and working together better as a whole.

Women’s Residential Retreat to Learn TM: Understand, Experience and Develop Consciousness

Join us for a women’s in-residence retreat to learn the Transcendental Meditation technique at The Raj in Fairfield, Iowa from June 25th to June 30th. (Following courses are scheduled for July 13-18, August 13-18 and September 10-15.)

Fee: Room and Board $1000. TM instruction course fee is additional and is income-based. Determine your fee at: https://tm-women.org/course-fee/

Devote a few days to your own well-being and self-development. Gain profound relaxation to dissolve deep-rooted stresses and awaken deeper, more fulfilling values of your own inner Being.

You will enjoy:

  • Complete course of instruction in the TM practice.*
  • Introduction to easy-to-practice simple Yoga Asanas and Pranayama (a relaxing, neuro-respiratory breathing technique). These practices help remove surface stress and strain, and smooth the way to deeper experiences in meditation.
  • Presentations on Maharishi Ayurveda, the principles of our Ties to the Universe, Ayurvedic Self-Pulse reading, Good Health through Prevention, and architecture in accord with the laws of nature.
  • An introduction to, and tour of, Maharishi International University.
  • Beautiful, single en-suite accommodations in a renowned Ayurvedic spa hotel.
  • Delicious organic, vegetarian cuisine.

* Prior to participation in this course, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the TM practice through a free two-part prerequisite presentation and short personal interview.

To register for your free presentation and interview, and to begin your course application process, click here.

TM for Women video shorts

TM for Women has created a number of short videos (2:25 or less in length). Subjects include What is Enlightenment?; Why am I so Tired?; Thinking About Learning to Meditate?; and TM is a Must for Nurses. We think you will enjoy many of these “shorts” and may even want to share them with your friends. Just click on this link: https://vimeo.com/showcase/11136096

Maharishi Ayurveda Self-Care and Good Health
Through Prevention

This course is online and learner paced, with periodic instructor video conferencing.

The student will learn the role that consciousness plays in health, and learn specific Maharishi Ayurveda mind body modalities to improve her health and well-being. This knowledge is based on the principles and practice of Ayurveda, a traditional medicine with 6,000 years of continuous clinical application.

Course starting date: June 18th

Course fee: $250

For more information and to apply, email to: educationdirector@tm-women.org

Q: Does TM affect how we see ourselves?

A: Girls and women often measure their self-worth by outer means—such as appearance and approval from others. We may think that looking good will go a long way toward creating the impression of how we want to be perceived. Our appearance can even affect how we judge ourselves. 

When we learn the Transcendental Meditation technique, our attention shifts from surface sensory perception to a more profound experience of our self. We find that we are not our bodies—we are not even our thoughts, emotions, moods or professional status. Our inner Self is ageless and unbounded. And although our personality and emotional axis might shift as our physical appearance or circumstances change, our deepest Self remains inviolable throughout our life span, from infancy to middle age to old age, remaining untouched.

Through the process of transcending, the direct experience of one’s inner being is enlivened daily, enriching every aspect of our expressions and perceptions. This is proved over time as one becomes more spirited, energetic, loving, and blissful. Not only is our self-confidence naturally increased as we identify increasingly with the ocean of inner Being, but this also subtly affects a shift in how others perceive us.

Gisele Bündchen is a Brazilian fashion model who earned the top spot on Forbes top-earning models list in 2012. She champions environmental causes and supports countless projects, She is also a mother of two. Her sister says that Gisele built a solid career based on good values, integrity, and a positive outlook on life. In a recent interview about her experience with the Transcendental Meditation technique, Gisele said:

“I have been meditating since my early 20s. Words cannot express enough the significance of its gifts in my life. I discovered meditation is a wonderful way to connect with our true essence. It can help us become more aware. It brings wisdom and healing.

“Meditation has brought me clarity and peace during my most challenging times,” she added. “It has helped me know myself and to discover my purpose.”

Editor’s note: We’d love to hear your comments on the benefits you’ve received from the TM practice. And, with your permission, we’ll publish them here for other women to enjoy. Send your comment to info@tm-women.org