TM Meditation Near Me?

Every day, thousands of women and girls search the internet for information about meditation. Sometimes they look for information about meditation generically, being unaware of the distinction between different types of meditation. Sometimes searchers type in “TM” or “Transcendental Meditation near me” when they have already heard about the TM program.

Common misconceptions about meditation

  1. Basically all meditation techniques are the same.
  2. All meditations produce the same effects.
  3. Meditation is difficult to do.
  4. It takes a long time to see the benefits

So, why TM specifically?

Transcendental Meditation is completely different from other types of meditation, both in how it’s practiced and in its results. Different meditation techniques engage the mind in different ways and produce different results in the brain and body.

If you read a poem, for example, your brain functions differently than if you listen to a poem being read. In the same way, each type of meditation produces different changes in brain functioning.

Researchers are gaining a much better understanding of how different techniques produce different results. Some techniques involve watching your thoughts or focusing on your breathing or body. Others employ concentration, visualization, or trying to clear away thoughts. There’s also guided meditation, contemplation, or meditation for insight. 

With TM, you don’t have to concentrate, focus your attention, or control your mind like most other methods require you to do. Techniques other than TM keep the mind active on the surface level of thought never revealing the inherent inner wholeness of awareness.

“Transcending” releases you from the surface activity of the mind, allowing you to gain inner silent awareness. In fact, the effortless nature of this method is the key to TM’s effectiveness and benefits, and practitioners often, in fact, experience a decrease in stress and anxiety within minutes.

Published studies show that the TM technique is the only meditation technique that:

What is TM for Women

The mission of our organization is to provide this technique in the most comfortable location and schedule possible to women and girls, whether they seek a way to reduce stress or depression or anxiety or they want more inner happiness, stability and spiritual clarity.

TM for Women’s certified teachers

Fifty years ago, there were just a handful of Certified TM teachers who traveled around the country teaching only in major cities. Now there are Certified TM teachers in almost every area of the country making learning TM very accessible.

The course of instruction can be taught in person or in a hybrid in-person/online course. To learn more about the course structure:

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