Vanessa Vidal Honored by the International Women’s Leadership Association


Vanessa Vidal, National Director of the U.S. non-profit educational organization Transcendental Meditation for Women has been recognized by the IWLA for leadership excellence in improving women’s lives through the development of consciousness.

The IWLA is a dynamic, diverse and dedicated community of women, each of whom is aspiring to fulfill her highest level of potential while encouraging others to do the same. The IWLA acknowledges and validates women’s accomplishments and inspires them to continue to help create a stronger, healthier, more enriched future.

The TM course results in a broad range of benefits that have been demonstrated by hundreds of published scientific studies. Regular practice of Transcendental Meditation has been proven to lead to decreased illness, anxiety and depression, improved mental and social functioning, internal peace and happiness.

When asked about her focus on bringing the TM program to women and girls, Vanessa said, “When women thrive, all of society benefits. Due to their natural tendency to bring harmony and to nurture, women have a special contribution to make that is an essential ingredient at home, at work and in the world at large. When a woman unfolds her full potential and expands her territory of influence, everyone in her world benefits.”

As the TM for Women National Director, Vanessa is in touch with hundreds of certified women TM teachers throughout the U.S. Her job description is representative of the flexibility, creativity, stamina and organizing power that TM practice brings. Changing hats many times each day, she is responsible for the innovation and implementation of courses in diverse settings—from halfway houses to hospitals to corporations to yoga centers. Vanessa manages, while keeping her finger on the pulse of national projects, to personally take note of each inquiry that is made to TM for Women and refer each to the appropriate local TM teacher. She is also responsible for social media—initiating relationships with more than 200,000 friends on Facebook alone—as well as inspiring partnerships with other notable organizations serving the betterment of women.

As a contributor to the body of information available on TV for women, Vanessa posts articles on several blogs. Past posts include:
Critical Care for Caregivers
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Today’s Plague of Pill-popping
What’s Good for the Goose May Not be Good for the Gander

Often the passion and commitment to one’s responsibilities is a mirror of the conviction one has in the value of the work. In Vanessa’s case, she says, “The Transcendental Meditation technique offers one solution to all problems. It provides a firm, lively foundation for every woman’s progress and fulfillment in all walks of life.”

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