Ukraine Women At-Risk Learn Transcendental Meditation

I have been meditating since 2009. In these most difficult moments of life, with war in Ukraine, the accumulated internal reserve of peace and the purity of my nervous system have helped me to make the right decisions enabling me to save my family.

Olga, Ukrainian business owner and mother, 40 years old

Milada Miklush, director, TM for Women, Ukraine

My grandmother and her many siblings grew up in Ukraine. To this day many of my cousins live there. I’ve met some of them, I found them to be sweet people, simple and unspoiled—trying to create a new life for themselves in their new sovereign nation. I went there in the 90s and found it to be a culture of warm-hearted, hardworking, hopeful and cheerful people.

Today, in their own homes, they are in jeopardy. Today, they live in an un-sought war. It’s deeply dismaying front-page news to us here, but it’s horrifying, up-close and personal to them.

Aside from one communication about six weeks ago on Facebook between two of my women cousins—one in Kyiv and one in California, there’s been silence. In that one set of messages, the California cousin asked our Kyiv cousin what she was doing to keep safe. The reply came: we pray; we pray day and night.

Everyone in Ukraine is vulnerable to this harsh and merciless invasion into normal life. The unrelenting attacks–and fear of attack—cause shock, stress, confusion, and anxiety. How can a woman live each day, waking up (if she can even sleep) to ceaseless fear for her children, her spouse, her parents, her friends?

I’ve offered financial help—and refuge if it should come to that. I’ve wondered what more I could do. As a long-time proponent of the Transcendental Meditation program, I know from vast experience, published scientific research, and reports from women who’ve learned TM, that reduced stress, and increased resilience result quickly. So, I was happy to hear that, in Ukraine, many women are currently receiving the tangible relief offered by the TM practice.                                           

Milada Miklush (pictured) is the director of the ladies’ wing of the Transcendental Meditation program in Ukraine. Despite being vulnerable like everyone else in Kyiv, Milada quickly organized instruction in the TM technique for over 70 women and she continues daily to teach as more requests for instruction come to her. Below, among my explanations, I’ve added some comments from Ukrainian women who just completed their TM course.

How can TM help? 

When a woman practices Transcendental Meditation, her mind settles down and becomes calm, her heart rate decreases, and her body reaches a state of deep rest, allowing it to dissolve deep-rooted stresses and strain. She transcends mental and emotional agitation to experience deep inner peace. Psychologically and physiologically, this state is the very opposite of trauma.

From the first lesson I felt that the stress was gone…. Thank you very much for my coming to life again at such a difficult time

Ostrovskaya, сhief аccountant, 40 years old

In this way, learning the TM technique reduces PTSD—the debilitating results of stress and trauma. After adding twice-daily TM practice to daily life, (no matter how oppressive it may be) a woman experiences tangible relief from problems such as insomnia, hypertension, fatigue, depression and substance abuse. At the same time, TM increases mental and physical resilience—offering greater resistance to future stressful situations. 

I felt relaxed, happy, relieved of stress…. I’ve finally slept well. Thank you!

Lazarevich, cashier, 52 years old

When you’re terrified, when you’re shaken to your core, when everything is uncertain and unstable, how do you give reassurance to your children? With the inner stability and emotional balance gained from the TM practice, even in a hazardous and confusing environment women can provide nourishing comfort and care for their families, calming their fears and anxiety.

 I like that so quickly in 20 minutes you can come to a state of peace, joy, love, expansion – before, it took so long to work out, and now there is a “fast track.” Huge gratitude!

Yuliya, HR department head, 42 years old

In a climate of violence, TM unveils an inner core of peace and harmony while sharpening adaptability and mental focus.

This is exactly what I was looking for. I practiced many techniques (breathing practices, prayers, visualizations), but in terms of results, accessibility, speed of recovery, TM is the best. Inner joy and harmony in the soul are proof of this. There is a desire to live and continue learning.

Kaminskaya, teacher, 62 years old

I don’t know the current whereabouts or state of life of my family. I know, as we would be, that they are suffering. If I could reach them now, I’d connect them with Milada and hope they could learn Transcendental Meditation quickly. This is the most precious, unassailable gift I could give to them—a very real basis for hope and freedom, for inner peace during this crisis in their lives.

Thank you for the knowledge, peace, energy and understanding of where to go next. Now I and meditation are inseparable.

Farmus, journalist, 39 years old

Watch this one-minute video about TM for women and girls with PTSD. 

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