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School Teaching Reimagined in the Year 2020

During the pandemic, teachers have had challenges that their academic training couldn’t have anticipated. Unlike teaching in person, with distance learning teachers have had to work harder to connect with students—to ascertain if they had enough food, if they were frightened, if they understood the lesson, if they were even able to get online.  As […]

How to Do the Right Thing

Most children are raised to be thoughtful adults who will try, in every circumstance, to “do the right thing.” “Just do the right thing!” we tell ourselves when we face a challenging moral or social dilemma. Easy to say… but not always easy to do.  How can we know what’s right all the time? What […]

When Teenage Girls Meditate

Parents know that eye-rolling and door slamming are coming when their daughter is approaching her teen years. Sometimes it doesn’t end up being so bad. Sometimes it’s worse than you could have imagined. Who is this creature that has the face of the adorable child you raised and nurtured but the behavior of a disrespectful, […]

Being Your Husband’s Caretaker

My friend and her husband were a happy, productive, generous and successful couple. Then, almost out of the blue, he was diagnosed with a serious illness and she took care of him through the rest of his life. A few days ago, about one year after her husband passed away, I talked with my friend […]

Career Success: Meet YiZhou

Multimedia artist YiZhou was born in China, raised in Rome, studied in Paris and London, and now lives in Los Angeles. An energetic and prolifically creative talent with degrees in political science and economics, YiZhou is an artist whose short films have been shown at the Shanghai Biennale, Venice Biennale, Sundance Film Festival, and Cannes […]

2020’s Transformative Agenda for Women

Right now there is a big increase in the numbers of American women who are becoming proactive about global issues, including issues that marginalize distinct populations. One of these populations has historically been that of women and girls. The Brookings Institution, based in Washington D.C., is a nonprofit public policy organization that conducts in-depth research […]

Family Time During the Pandemic

Whenever people are forced into restricted living circumstances, there is a good chance that now and then someone’s temper will be on edge. But the purpose of a relationship is to nourish. Every interaction between people should contain the power to uplift. Even if it is necessary to discipline one’s child, the action should have […]

Get Out and Bike: A Social Distance Interview with a Long-Distance Biker

I recently had the joy of a socially-distanced interview with my friend Claudia, who is one of my role models because of her self-care regime. She watches her diet, exercises, does Transcendental Meditation, goes on long bike rides, and—these days—socially distances. I am particularly interested in how biking helps to sustain her well-being and defies […]

Homeschooling During Self-Seclusion: Interview of a School Psychologist

Is being homebound getting to you? Social distancing and its consequences of being unable to interact with friends and peers and being restricted to our home (and yard if we are fortunate enough to have one) also affect our children’s physical and psychological health. Trying to educate the kids at home right now is not […]

A High-Fashion Designer Breathes Life into Facemasks

These days, many women are staying home in pajamas or sweats. Going out to the mailbox and for groceries might be the most fashion-demanding events of the week. I spoke to Susanna, a successful sweater designer who’s lived and worked in New York City, Ireland and Wales, about how she’s employing her design, knitting and […]

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