Without the technique of transcending to effortlessly experience the ultimate truth of life within—pure consciousness—spirituality has been considered hard to attain. Many have sought enlightenment by adopting a spiritual attitude, or through austerities such as detachment from the world, or trying to cultivate an attitude of equanimity or mindfulness.

The TM technique doesn’t require making a mood or forsaking worldly involvement in order to enjoy spiritual enrichment. The TM technique spontaneously allows the mind to experience its inner transcendental basis. Enlightenment is a state in which that inner reality of a person’s experience is unshakable, peaceful, blissful and full even while engaging in daily life.

Enlightenment, the full awakening of human consciousness is everyone’s birthright, and with daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, growth of enlightenment becomes simple and easy. 

Journal of Social Behavior and Personality 6: 189-248, 1991 

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