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The Goal of All Desires

Desires are completely natural in our lives. They can lead us to growth, more happiness, and a better life.  Desires arise when we feel a lack of something in our life; naturally we try to

What’s New: Scientific Studies on Transcendental Meditation in 2021

Researchers continue to examine the effects of the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, providing further objective verification of a broad range of benefits to overall health. Here are five interesting recently published studies: Evidence

Jenna Doran: Interpreting for Hard of Hearing and Deaf Children

Jenna (on right) with Iowa School for the Deaf sixth grader Sofia and another interpreter. As a former school psychologist, I was privileged to work with children with special needs, including children with hearing disabilities.

Pass the Wine or Pass Up the Wine

From “mommy juice” to “alcopops,” alcoholic beverages have become for many women the default response to any occasion. Reaching for a bottle of wine or something harder has become a habitual part of normal life,

Find Happiness

It’s completely natural to want more fulfillment, more achievement, more love, more of everything good—and to be happy. Happiness is the brass ring. Unfortunately, countless women say they are not generally happy.  Many of us

Make Stress and Burnout Obsolete

From the May 8th NY Times “In Her Words” column: Over half of women surveyed in a 2021 CNBC and SurveyMonkey poll said their mental health at work was suffering to the point of burnout.

Transcendental Meditation and Pain Management

REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION FROM TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION FOR WOMEN CANADA Physical pain, in some form or another, plagues all of us at some point in our lives, especially as we get older. It can restrict our

Rediscovering Girlhood’s Lost Vision

Girlhood is a new nonfiction book by Melissa Febos, an author and professor. In her book, she mourns the innate sense of infinite possibility we experience when we are very young—before the world’s traditions and

Staying Healthy During Perimenopause and Menopause

“If you’re not even looking at the 55-year-old woman in front of you as being menopausal, then you’re missing a whole part of who she is,” says Dr. Stephanie S. Faubion, director of Mayo Clinic’s

Remaining Calm in Crisis: Comments of a Single Mom/Nurse During Covid

Valerie Vetter is a nurse in Iowa. She exemplifies the kind of healthcare professional you want at your bedside when you’re ill: experienced, professional, thoughtful and kind. We were so happy that she granted us

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