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Anxious or Depressed About the New Year? How to Live Your Best Life in 2022

In just a week we will be embarking on a new year. Certainly things will change a bit… or a lot… because it is through change that living happens.  How do we orient ourselves to

A Story of Compassion and Perseverance: Thai School for Orphaned Girls

It was 1993. Many families in Thailand lacked the means to provide their children with an education, especially the girls. Girls who were orphaned rarely had the possibility to go to school beyond sixth grade.

Get Smarter! How to Boost Your Intelligence

It’s commonly known that our brain’s processing ability peaks by the age of 20 and then slowly declines. But more recent scientific research findings have suggested the possibility of raising our intelligence through particular brain-training activities. Two types of intelligence: Crystallized intelligence is the ability to use knowledge, even as we age, that was previously acquired through education and experience. Fluid intelligence, our innate ability to think or reason flexibly, quickly and abstractly does not rely on prior learning or knowledge. It allows us to intuit solutions at a deeper level of the mind’s functioning.

Avoid Burnout and Meet Your Challenges

Adapted by permission from the Canadian Women’s Wellness Foundation There are clear signposts that indicate the experience of burnout. When one feels overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted, and finds it hard to concentrate and remember things, those

Helping Teenage Girls Who Take on Parental Duties During the Pandemic

In my teen years, my friends and I took advantage of opportunities to make a little money by babysitting for our parents’ friends’ kids. That was a far cry from the reality of responsibility now

Challenges for Nurses During a Pandemic

The headline of an article published in the New York Times on Aug. 21, 2021 by Andrew Jacobs, reads: “Nursing Is in Crisis: Staff Shortages Put Patients at Risk”. Even before Covid, studies have shown

Stress, Meditation and Hans Selye: An Ancient Solution to a Modern Problem

Flip through any popular health magazine or scan the internet for health topics, and you will find countless posts and articles on stress and its effect on our health. Given how much information is on

The Goal of All Desires

Desires are completely natural in our lives. They can lead us to growth, more happiness, and a better life.  Desires arise when we feel a lack of something in our life; naturally we try to

What’s New: Scientific Studies on Transcendental Meditation in 2021

Researchers continue to examine the effects of the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, providing further objective verification of a broad range of benefits to overall health. Here are five interesting recently published studies: Evidence

Jenna Doran: Interpreting for Hard of Hearing and Deaf Children

Jenna (on right) with Iowa School for the Deaf sixth grader Sofia and another interpreter. As a former school psychologist, I was privileged to work with children with special needs, including children with hearing disabilities.

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