Being Woke

Woke is used as a byword for cultural or social awareness. But being woke is dependent on how naturally awake, how aware, how alert you are. Unclouded awareness allows you to be successfully, actively attentive to important facts and issues including topics of racial and social justice. How awake are you? According to brain physiologists […]

What Do You Carry in Your Self-Care Tool Kit?

When deadlines loom, when your kids are fighting, when your best friend moves away—anyone can feel stressed. Yet some women have figured out how to push the happy button instead of the freak-out alarm. They say it’s just a matter of keeping the right tools in your self-care tool kit.  Find out why these 12 […]

Anxious About Health?

On a website discussion page, a woman confided, “…I have become so anxious about my health, every little ache, pain or twinge has my brain going mad! Before I would have ignored it or even not noticed it, but now I’m convinced it’s something really serious! It’s ruining every part of my life! I feel […]

Vote for Peace

Endless wars, relentless fear of terrorism, revived cold wars, and runaway military spending plague our modern American life. With new elections on the horizon, we may wonder how to make choices that will secure a healthy state of peace within our nation and between all nations. It may just be that the first step is […]

Five Strategies for Family Caregivers

Some of the sweetest moments of my life happened when my aging parents were no longer able to take care of each other and my sister and I stepped in to care for them—which led directly to some of the most difficult moments of my life. Navigating our nation’s fragmented health care system, taking charge […]

The Art of Being Silent

Herman Melville wrote, “All profound things and emotions of things are preceded and attended by silence.”  Why silence? A 2013 study on mice published in the journal Brain, Structure and Function, revealed the effect silence has on the brains of the mice: when mice were exposed to two hours of silence per day they developed […]

Why Businesswomen Need to Learn Transcendental Meditation

Whether you are an Oprah Winfrey fan or not, you’ve got to have high regard for the remarkable success of this businesswoman, entrepreneur, publisher, media star and philanthropist. She’s intuitive, farsighted and practical—and that’s why she learned the Transcendental Meditation technique for her own sake and brought the program to her employees in 2011. “I […]

From the Streets to College in Four Months: The Communiversity of South Africa Empowers Underserved Youth in Cape Town

When Leona failed to earn a high school diploma in Cape Town, South Africa, her prospects for employment were bleak. The teenager spent her days shut inside her tiny one-room family home “feeling like a failure, knowing that I’m no one.” While to the American ear that may sound like overwrought adolescent emotions, in South […]

Women, the Aging Brain, and Mental Capacity

Our June news-email featured information about research on the brain. Because the topic of reduced cognition in aging is the “elephant in the room” of which everyone is taking notice, we want to present the information here for you again in a composite: In recent decades, the aging brain has been a prominent and significant […]

Stress and anxiety “Life Hacks”

Do you suffer from occasional anxiety or does anxiety rule your life? Does it feel like anxious thoughts run through your brain with no “off” switch available? Anxiety is a reaction to stress, which is in itself an overdose of pressure on your mind and body. Anxiety can get in the way of living a […]

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