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Averting and Reducing Burnout

When you’re overwhelmed and lacking inspiration, you could be experiencing burnout. Herbert Freudenberger, the man who coined the term, defined burnout as the extinction of motivation or incentive.  Today burnout […]

Reduced Tiredness

Always Tired: What to do When a Nap isn’t Enough Ask yourself why you’re always tired—is it due to a lack of sleep, or to anxiety, depression or a physical […]

Increased Resilience

Several years ago, Harvard Business Review published an article called, “Resilience is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure” in which the writers explain that most people have a […]

Collective Consciousness: Are We Interconnected by an Underlying Field?

From the Huffington Post, by Jeanne Ball Do you ever wonder if how you feel on a given day has anything to do with what millions of others are feeling […]

Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

Whether one is searching for inner beatitude or simply wishes to move through each day with grace, the Transcendental Meditation technique naturally unfolds the wholeness of one’s innermost Self—a sacred […]

A Solution for School Bullying

The (US) National Center for Educational Statistics estimates that one third of students ages 12-18 are bullied at school and online. High divorce rates among parents, violent entertainment, and drug […]

College Students and Stress

College women report higher levels of anxiety and psychological distress than their male counterparts. The Transcendental Meditation technique can be an effective antidote for the overwhelming stressors of college life, […]

For Kids

Children and adolescents encounter stress at home and at school—just as adults do in jobs and relationships. Many professionals believe we’re seeing an epidemic of adolescent depression, driven by stress, […]

Parenting Teenagers

Parenting can be stressful when teens, attempting to establish their identity, push against boundaries—and often push their moms away, too. Mothers struggle with the desire to remain connected to their […]

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