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“Perhaps its greatest benefit is that it’s relatively quick to learn and easy to master. No waiting weeks or months of practice before you see results….” —FORBES (an American business magazine)

If you have a job, are you bringing the most you can to it and getting the most you can from it? If you’re one of the 74+ million women in the job force then you certainly deserve job satisfaction, advancement opportunities and career success

External factors such as changing economic conditions and business and market trends affect our jobs. Internal factors such as focus, self-esteem, stress, mental and physical health, and creativity affect our job performance and can boost or crush our chance of advancement and success.

If you could sit comfortably in a chair for 20 minutes twice daily with the end result being an increase in these relevant personal attributes, you’d find the time to do it. This is essentially what happens when you do the Transcendental Meditation technique in that chair.

To address these and other internal considerations, look at the Transcendental Meditation technique’s influence on developing potential. Women who learned TM say they have experienced gains in productivity, energy, intelligence, creativity, focus, coherence, self-esteem, calm, good health and harmonious relationships. Researchers have verified those subjective experiences, and the data from these peer-reviewed studies are objective indicators of what you would gain by the daily practice of TM.

One study titled Transcendental Meditation and Productivity showed how the TM technique affected work experience: It significantly improved job satisfaction, job performance, and relations with supervisors and co-workers at every level of the organization. Within the organizational structure, those who learned TM succeeded more quickly yet experienced less anxiety, indicating a natural faster pace of progress.(Reference: Academy of Management Journal, 2017)

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to perceive emotions in oneself and others, and to understand, regulate, and use the information productively, allowing successful problem solving and progress of the organization as a whole. A related study, titled Effect of Meditation on Emotional Intelligence and Perceived Stress in the Workplace, found that TM significantly increased emotional intelligence and reduced perceived stress in administrators. Other results were significant improvements in mood, stress reduction, and increased adaptability. (Reference: The Permanente Journal, 2018)

An earlier study was a review of even more research and case studies on the Transcendental Meditation Program in the workplace. It indicated that the TM technique improved employee health, increased job satisfaction, improved job performance and productivity, and improved organizational performance and climate. (Reference: Journal of Business and Psychology, 1996)

These studies and more are cited to instill confidence by objective verification of the benefits you could expect after taking the TM course and adding this effortless, deeply restful meditation to your schedule. You’ll find that the efficiency you gain from it will help you fit in the time to meditate easily. You can read what professionals have noted about their benefits from TM. Meanwhile, here is an example of one successful businesswoman’s observations of how the Transcendental Meditation program supported her career.

In a previous blog post interview, Anita Warner, now retired from Merrill Lynch, told us:

“At Merrill Lynch, I started in a support position, but I began every morning with TM before heading out to Wall Street, and it gave me unending energy and focus. Within two years, I became an Institutional Fixed Income sales professional and, ultimately, I earned the title of Vice President.

A VP in this division had the responsibilities of handling major clients. Even though there were few women at the time, I found I was personally capable of hard work and of going the extra mile. There is no question that my Transcendental Meditation practice enhanced leadership performance qualities in me.

I had already been doing the TM technique for a while when I entered the field so had already started to accumulate a good foundation in myself of calm and clarity. And I think this gave me the confidence to compete in a very competitive field. I believed in myself and was not shy about navigating uncharted waters for women. I also was able to remain collected and focused in the midst of the chaos and the pressure of the work environment, and operated effectively and efficiently without losing my composure, even while the intensity of the work was causing others around me to be very stressed.”

Allen F. Morgenstein, an industrial engineer and the creator of the work simplification process, first prescribed that people should, “Work smarter, not harder.” Transcendental Meditation fills the prescription.

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