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How to Let Your Creativity Soar

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun.” – Albert Einstein Psychologist Rollo May once defined creativity as the act of actualizing oneself. Expressing ourselves in an authentic unique way can take any form. Every one of us

(How to) End Violence Now

In 1967 Abba Eban, an Israeli politician and diplomat, observed that Americans will always do the right thing, but only after they have tried everything else. When it comes to reducing and deterring violence in America,

Pilates, Anyone? A Pilates Master Teacher on How Pilates Works and How Transcendental Meditation Helps

Editor’s note: This interview is not an endorsement by TM for Women of the practice of Pilates, but rather an explanation by a Pilates teacher of the benefits as she sees them, and of how

Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Health

According to a recent survey by CNN, “Ninety percent of US adults say the US is experiencing a mental health crisis.” Twenty percent of adults characterize their own mental health as being only between poor

Finding the Sacred in the TM Experience

Excerpted from a post on the blog of TM for Women in Canada During the 1970’s, Amedeo Giorgi developed an innovative qualitative research method known as descriptive phenomenological research. Referred to as the Giorgi method,

Meditation for Depression

Research funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health found that people who used antidepressants had “remission rates of 31 percent after 14 weeks and 65 percent at six months” indicating that antidepressants are not

A TM Teacher Near Me

Every day women ask us to connect them with a TM teacher in their area. Sometimes women ask us about the qualifications of the teacher. So we thought we’d give you a little background on

Landmark Research Shows Transcendental Meditation Groups Decrease Stress in the Nation

An assembly of the square root of the US population (1725 people) took place from 2007 to 2011 at Maharishi International University in Iowa. All the participants practiced the Transcendental Meditation technique and an advanced technique of

A Wake-up Call to Government and Education Leaders: The Duty of Society is the Development of Consciousness

Before world-renowned author Aldous Huxley’s graduation from Oxford University with honors in 1916, he wrote to his brother about his belief that higher states of consciousness—as described throughout history by mystics and sages—are accessible to

Be Kind—More Important Than Ever in Today’s World

The whole world is hurting these days. People are fearful due to the war in the country of Ukraine and the devastation caused by the recent pandemic. Our politics have become polarized, whereby people can’t

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