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The Relationship Between Mortality and Eternity: Transcending Fear of Death

As a child, I was told that every time a year was coming to an end and a new year was about to begin, the “old man” year died, and a “new baby” year was

Research on Transcendental Meditation and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most frequent form of cancer in women but also the most survived form. The incidence of breast cancer is almost four times higher in women over the age of 50. With

An “Unparalleled” Tool for Women Who Make Music

Emerging relatively recently on the music scene, Canadian Tara De Santis has taken the Quebec music scene by storm and has been featured many times in the press including in an article in Elle Quebec.

This Summer, Let TM for Women be Your Travel Guide to the Ultimate Stay-cation

Why do people go on vacation? To get out of their tiresome daily routine, to experience something new, to relax? The Transcendental Meditation technique is a way to take a break from our pursuits and passions and

Taming the Wild West: The Effect of Transcendental Meditation on Adult ADHD

In the May 2023 issue of The Atlantic, an article called “Adult ADHD Is the Wild West of Psychiatry” stated: “Nearly 5 percent of adults are thought to have the disorder, but less than 20 percent of them have

The Role of Meditation in a Healthy Pregnancy

I remember pregnancy as a happy, exciting time but also as a time of unexpected physical and emotional trials. I was fortunate to have access to the Transcendental Meditation technique during my pregnancies and want to share

How to Let Your Creativity Soar

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun.” – Albert Einstein Psychologist Rollo May once defined creativity as the act of actualizing oneself. Expressing ourselves in an authentic unique way can take any form. Every one of us

(How to) End Violence Now

In 1967 Abba Eban, an Israeli politician and diplomat, observed that Americans will always do the right thing, but only after they have tried everything else. When it comes to reducing and deterring violence in America,

Pilates, Anyone? A Pilates Master Teacher on How Pilates Works and How Transcendental Meditation Helps

Editor’s note: This interview is not an endorsement by TM for Women of the practice of Pilates, but rather an explanation by a Pilates teacher of the benefits as she sees them, and of how

Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Health

According to a recent survey by CNN, “Ninety percent of US adults say the US is experiencing a mental health crisis.” Twenty percent of adults characterize their own mental health as being only between poor

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