A Wake-up Call to Government and Education Leaders: The Duty of Society is the Development of Consciousness

Before world-renowned author Aldous Huxley’s graduation from Oxford University with honors in 1916, he wrote to his brother about his belief that higher states of consciousness—as described throughout history by mystics and sages—are accessible to everyone. 

Huxley’s belief matured into the idea that the goal and duty of a society are the nurturing of everyone’s development of consciousness. His ideas illustrated the same marriage of mysticism and contemporary thought that we see in much of the Western population today, where it is now broadly thought that the full potential of consciousness can develop even without the structure, systems, or observance of religion. 

The growth of enlightened consciousness can be developed systematically, explained logically, supported by scientific understanding, and subjected to scientific scrutiny. This wrests the purview of sublime experience from a few select individuals and places it within reach of all who seek it.

If, in fact, an inherent capability to realize an ultimate reality is within all of us, then there is a foundational unity of humanity despite the multitude of differences among us. The experience of this all-pervasive inherent unity can create harmony in the world.

Science tells us that there is one source of all matter and interactions in the universe—that source of the ever-expanding universe must have infinite intelligence, energy, creativity, and organizing power. Consciousness is the expression in the mind, through the human nervous system, of that field. It resides in the silent state of the mind as the potential for all the intelligence, energy, creativity, and organizing power expressed in our thoughts. 

One could liken consciousness in each individual human mind to a drop of water that is a part of an infinite ocean of water. It is experienced by each of us as an isolated drop but is really part of the ocean. In the same way, consciousness has both a universal and individual reality. This is how we can personally experience that our individual life is connected in a unified field to all life.

The evolution of consciousness takes place as an individual’s inner experience progressively encompasses more expanded profound degrees of consciousness, until becoming fulfilled in the total development of consciousness. Ultimately, the natural product of this evolution is an individual’s cognition of her nature as being one with the nature of everything—unified and whole.

Higher states of consciousness in a person’s life are stages or landmarks of the evolutionary path. As the totality of consciousness grows within a person’s experience, her perceptions, thoughts, actions, and relationships naturally reflect growth in harmony with everything. The intimacy of one’s inner self with everyone and everything else through the unified level of life spontaneously disallows discord in thinking and behavior.

To avert disharmony and support progress, the goal of society should be to adopt and provide any measure that is known to prevent and reduce discord and violence among its citizens. 

The technology of consciousness development: The Transcendental Meditation technique allows one’s mind to move effortlessly beyond the thinking process into pure consciousness. This automatically enlivens the silent unified field of consciousness within each person who learns TM, and then regular practice facilitates the growth of consciousness. The Transcendental Meditation program has been shown repeatedly by independent published research studies to fulfill the birthright of every individual and the duty and purpose of society.

More than enough scientific evidence of the benefits of the TM program are available to justify the implementation of this program by government leaders and educators without delay.

Because the goal of education for all children in America is to enable each child to become a better citizen, education is key to the process whereby the goal of society is fulfilled. Every educational institution can and should provide the course of instruction in the TM technique so that every young developing mind—entrusted to our system of education by our government—can systematically fathom the unified field within their awareness.

Our government reflects the collective consciousness of the people of the nation. In the United States, the population and its representation in government are in an ongoing feedback loop. If the government provides the development of consciousness through educational institutions, then the election of more harmonious, intelligent, and creative representation will naturally result. In turn, that higher quality of thinking by representatives will continue to progressively act in society’s best interest.

The system is already in place. Now it’s just a matter of a few wise, well-placed individuals stepping up.

Are you positioned to achieve this goal?

About the Author

Janet Hoffman is the executive director of TM for Women Professionals, a division of TM for Women in the USA

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