Women Empower Women Part I: Signs of Women’s Rising Influence in the World

When I first started thinking about this article, the year was 2017; we had just witnessed the first women’s march on Washington. On January 21 of that year, 5 million people—primarily women—marched in cities and towns on all seven continents. 

Women stood shoulder to shoulder in the largest march in world history to advocate for women’s rights as well as universal human rights: in the workplace, in education, in healthcare, and in other areas. 

Michelle Obama came out to say: “As women, we must stand up for each other.”

We saw the rise of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements in 2017 and 2018.  Women stood in solidarity. Even women who had not spoken up before felt emboldened by their shared beliefs with other women to speak up and demand respect, dignity, and equality in the workplace.

More than twice as many women as ever before ran for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. Women’s influence in politics and world events was increasing exponentially, and 2018 came to be called “The Year of the Woman.”

Forty-two women newly elected to Congress assumed office in January 2019: five women joined the Senate; 37 the House of Representatives. For the first time in history, there were 25 women sitting in the U.S. Senate; and 102 women in the U.S. House of Representatives.

As the 2020 presidential campaign kicked off, history was made again as a record-breaking six women candidates ran for the highest office in the land.

What we see today—the phenomenon of women standing together to support each other—in the USA and around the world is evidence of the rise in collective consciousness of women everywhere. Sociology defines “collective consciousness” as a term which refers to the overall mood, thinking, or character of a particular group—in this case, the overall mood, thinking, character or zeitgeist of women all over the world.

The collective consciousness of women arises from and also reflects the combined value of all the individual influences—in thinking, feeling, mood, etc.—of women everywhere. It, in turn, has a reciprocal effect on those individual women. It can change or influence the way they think, act, or feel.

Today we see that as individual women stand up to assert their rights— women’s rights; health care rights; reproductive rights; parental leave and child-care rights; right to be treated fairly with dignity and respect in the workplace; right to be heard and represented in the national conversation—this has an effect on women collectively. It empowers growing numbers of women to feel bold enough to stand up and speak out about what they believe in.

Due to the increasing interest of growing numbers of women all over the world in the past few decades to focus on developing their full creative potential, a program was inaugurated in 1981 for single women to empower themselves from within through the group practice of Transcendental Meditation and the advanced techniques of the TM program.

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, easily learned technique practiced sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. During the practice of the TM technique, a person experiences subtler levels of the thinking process and can even transcend the subtlest level of thinking to experience a field of pure consciousness which lies at the source of thought.

Practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique develops the full potential of the individual by enlivening that field of pure consciousness—which is a reservoir of infinite energy, creativity, intelligence, orderliness, and harmonizing power—in daily life.

The TM program also offers advanced techniques that accelerate and enhance the growth experienced through the TM technique. What has been found, and what we will explore further in this article, is that when people practice the Transcendental Meditation technique together in a group, the benefits are even more powerful.

For this reason, a program has been developed for single ladies where they can live together and focus on developing their full potential as quickly as possible. This program has been named the Mother Divine (MD) Program. Mother, to express the nourishing power that lies deep within every woman. Divine, to express the transcendental field of life that lies at the basis of all our thinking and connects us with one another and which we experience when we practice the TM technique.

The Mother Divine program was designed so that large groups of meditating single women can live together in a community where they can regularly practice the TM program and its advanced techniques in a group, work on projects to help better the world, and enjoy knowledge together in the supportive company of other women. The MD program offers a balanced daily routine of meditation and activity specifically designed to enhance the growth and evolution of women in a nourishing and healthy environment.

In the Mother Divine group not only do women empower one another through their natural connection as women, but sitting together to meditate in a group, each woman dives deep within her own consciousness to contact and enliven the source of her creative potential. The effect of this inner awakening is found to be magnified when women meditate together in a group.

It’s like a laser beam. 

In ordinary light, the beams of light are random and incoherent. When a small proportion of photons in a beam of light become coherent, they influence all the other photons to come into sync with them. Joined together, they produce a powerfully coherent stream of light called laser light which has special properties with many practical uses— in surgery, holography, and many other scientific fields.

In this same way, the inner coherence that individual women experience when they meditate—and that can be objectively measured by looking at their brain wave patterns through EEG (electroencephalograph) measurements—becomes multiplied when they meditate together in a group.

When individuals practice TM together, the orderly and coherent brain waves of the individual meditators become synchronized with one another. The individual coherence that each person radiates becomes multiplied when the brain waves of the individual meditators fall into phase with one another. The phenomenon becomes like one giant superconductor of coherence and harmony that spreads to the whole environment.

The larger the group, the more powerful the influence.

Today is a unique time in history. Women everywhere are naturally rising in consciousness and empowering one another to step up and create a better world in all spheres of life. At the same time, we have a simple, enjoyable way for ladies to empower themselves from within through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique on their own, in their own homes.

And to enhance the individual benefits one gains from one’s own TM practice and to create an even greater nourishing effect on society, both single and married women already practicing TM are invited to attend courses—from short weekend courses to courses up to a month in length— in the deeply coherent and silent environment of Mother Divine. 

And finally we have the Mother Divine program itself— an ongoing program where single ladies around the world can live and practice TM together in a group and provide a big engine to nourish the world and enliven the qualities of creativity, intelligence, harmony, and order throughout the environment for all people to enjoy.

Fifty research studies have been conducted by scientists from independent research institutions around the world for the past five decades on the effect that large groups of people practicing the TM technique has on society. The studies show that only a small fraction of a population practicing TM and its advanced programs together in a group is enough to improve the quality of life and create order and harmony in a society.

In Part II of this article, “Scientific Evidence: Women Practicing TM Together Help Create A More Peaceful Society,” we will examine these research studies and learn about the many outreach programs the Mother Divine program offers to women everywhere for their own individual development and for the betterment of the world. Part II will be published on this blog on June 8th.

For more information about the Mother Divine Program, go to: https://www.motherdivine.org/

For further information about the courses and programs the Mother Divine Program offers to all ladies around the world practicing TM, go to: https://www.motherdivine.org/courses/

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