Lola Kirke, Katy Perry, Lena Dunham Talk Meditation


Lola Kirke is a rising star. She’s best known for her leading role in the popular Amazon original series Mozart in the Jungle and her acclaimed performance in Gone Girl. I asked Lola recently what personal benefits she has experienced since learning how to do Transcendental Meditation through the TM organization for women. She wrote:

In the two plus years that I have been practicing TM, both my inner and outer life has changed radically. TM helps me take care of myself: it helps me feel centered and be in touch with myself and my feelings in a world that sometimes seems to insist that we feel otherwise. Ultimately the practice has helped me to feel at home even when I am far away from my home and that is a true gift. I am tremendously grateful for the practice and would recommend it to anyone.

In May 2015, Lola received the prestigious Cannes Film Festival Chopard Trophy, only awarded to one noteworthy new actress and actor each year.

International pop music sensation Katy Perry is a singer, musician, and composer. She learned TM more than four years ago and sometimes participates in fundraisers to underwrite the tuition of at-risk kids and veterans to learn the TM technique. Katy says TM is the best thing she’s ever done to bring more creativity, positive energy and peace into her life:

When I feel tired, tense, scared or depressed, I meditate. It clears my mind, and makes me feel more relaxed and happier. I have shared these experiences with my friends and I recommend it to all of them.

One of everybody’s favorite celebrities is actress, author, screenwriter, producer, director and all-around talent Lena Dunham, probably best known to most as the star of the HBO series Girls; she beats out Katy and Lola when it comes to time she’s spent meditating—Lena learned Transcendental Meditation when she was nine.

The Huffington Post reported that Lena said TM has made it possible for her to weather certain challenges and storms that she didn’t ever imagine would be in her life. She said:

It gathers me up for the day and makes me feel organized and happy and capable of facing the challenges of the world, both internal and external.

It’s certainly one of the sources of her success. TM gives me the space to dream and create, she said.

The TM program for Women offers instruction for girls and women to help them be creative and happy, to achieve success and realize their dreams.

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