Feminine Nature?

Within ourself, in our own consciousness, we can enliven what is sometimes called the creative, nourishing, feminine aspect of nature. But what does it mean? How do we experience it? What does it do for us?

Let’s start by talking about the basis of everything: We refer to the silent source of all creation as the field of Being, or Pure Existence, Pure Intelligence, or Pure Consciousness.—an undifferentiated field of Oneness.

By learning the TM technique, we can transcend concrete mental activity and delve into this silent field of Being when our awareness settles. When the mind starts to settle down, the body settles to a state of deep rest that allows stress to dissolve. In the simplest state of awareness, we have the experience of being aware of awareness itself—this is the Self, our Self, the Self of everyone.

Being, the field of pure consciousness, is still and silent, and yet is the source of the infinitely dynamic universe. It is the Unified Field of physics, a field of undifferentiated potential. The unified field, or Being, permeates all creation, while remaining separate and unchanged. This is like the unchanged hydrogen and oxygen atoms within the changing states of steam, water vapor, water, snow, and ice. Being remains unchanged but appears in many forms.

Whereas Being is the silent ocean of pure consciousness, it is the nature of Being which creates. When a woman is on the street and suddenly sees someone else collapse, she rushes over to help because—it turns out—she is a physician. She was just a woman walking along but the doctor within the woman comes out spontaneously when needed. This is how the feminine nurturing creative aspect of the field of pure Being comes up. This nature of Being is the feminine aspect, the creator, the creative principle.

This feminine principle, the dynamism within the silent unified field, creates and administers the whole ever-expanding universe. This great creative, nourishing, administering principle in nature is described by Quantum Physics as the Hamiltonian, the source of all matter and energy within the unified field that underlies all of creation. We can also call this the force of evolution. We can also call it Mother Nature.

The world needs the uplifting voice of Mother Nature. This maternal nourishing value, whether we have children or not, needs to rise up in life. This is our role, and it can be fulfilled so easily, so simply, by just accessing the nourishing power available to us in the simplest state of our own awareness in the transcendent field of Being. By direct experience of this inner field of universal love, we spontaneously radiate that love to the whole world.

About the Author

Lesley Goldman is the retired director of a non-profit educational organization.

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