Maharishi International University

A University Where Everyone Meditates

Founded in 1971, the MIU (formerly Maharishi University of Management) campus is situated on 370 acres of gently rolling hills in the Midwest town of Fairfield, Iowa. Along with accredited degree programs in the arts, sciences, business and humanities, this university is unique in its commitment to the development of full potential and a high quality of life for its students.

A Shared Commitment to Personal Growth

The fundamental difference that sets MIU apart from other universities is that the students, staff, and faculty practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. This creates a supportive and cohesive environment in which personal growth is a priority for everyone. Women, in particular, feel safe on the MIU campus.

Focus on the Student

Thanks to a small class size and studying only one subject at a time in one-month or one-week blocks, transfer students notice a significant difference in how MIU professors relate to them. The nourishing, friendly and inspiring atmosphere creates an environment that encourages students to explore and express ideas.

Healthy Lifestyle: A Wise Choice

Organic food, a deeply restful routine, and a drug/alcohol-free campus help establish positive habits that students take with them when they graduate. At MIU, the healthy routine gives students a boost in their cognitive ability, focus, and overall wellbeing.

Comprehensive Development

Maharishi Vedic Science encompasses the full range of life, from the individual to the universal. While other universities offer only specific disciplines, a more well-rounded approach to education encourages MIU students to master life as a whole.

“It’s a place that cultures big visions.… It encourages the students not to just think of education as a way to get into a cubicle on a swiveling chair and just be safe, but really to think: How can I better the world, how can I express my soul…how can I do something that truly means something to me and to the world and to other people, and not think just about myself but to think for the bigger good.”

Professor and Co-director of the undergraduate English Creative Writing program, Founder of The Luminous Writer

The atmosphere on the MIU campus is indescribable, and really like nowhere else. Come on a Visitors Weekend and experience it yourself.

About the Author

Linda Egenes, MIU Adjunct Faculty member and freelance writer, has lived and worked on the MIU campus since 1977. Get a close-up view of personal and academic life in her article.

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