Intuition from the Field of Consciousness

Consciousness is a fairly controversial topic in the field of psychology. But rather than go into all that right now, let’s just talk about consciousness as an aspect of the individual that we often refer to as ‘wakefulness’. That which makes us conscious is that which makes us awake and attentive.

Collective consciousness is a fairly new concept to modern psychology—the idea is that, from Maharishi’s perspective, consciousness is that wakefulness which we have as individuals. But it is also a field which underlies not only each individual but a collection of individuals. So we have a collective consciousness that unites us and in fact underlies all of creation.

While the concept of a field may be somewhat new and unique in the field of psychology, it’s not something that’s unknown in the field of science. We’re very familiar with the concept of a field because we use it all the time in every technological device we use.  Our cell phones, our radio, our TV, the internet, all operate on the basis of the electromagnetic field which is something we don’t see but has properties which allow us to connect through this invisible field.

If we understand that concept of a field like the electromagnetic field then we can see that consciousness also has that same capability of connecting us on a very deep level even though it an unseen field.

I think that women actually have an innate sense of that idea of consciousness as being a field. I think that, as women, we operate often on the level of intuition–which may be criticized sometimes as not being founded in reality but most women know that it is actually a very effective way of functioning and that the intuition we have is, in fact, a real thing. But it is often information we’re getting on a very subtle level and we’re picking that up and acting on it. That is something I think we could call acting from a very deep level of consciousness.

About the Author

Vicki Alexander Herriott has higher degrees in both Psychology and Law and is also a certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique.