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Children and Mental Health: What to do Now

What could be more important to a mother than her child’s well-being? We see how happy a parent feels when her child is well—and how devastated she is when her […]

Jenna Doran: Interpreting for Hard of Hearing and Deaf Children

As a former school psychologist, I was privileged to work with children with special needs, including children with hearing disabilities. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act states that, based on […]

Staying Healthy During Perimenopause and Menopause

“If you’re not even looking at the 55-year-old woman in front of you as being menopausal, then you’re missing a whole part of who she is,” says Dr. Stephanie S. […]

A Retreat with Like-Minded Women in a Unique Setting

Last month I travelled all the way from New York City to take a women’s retreat in—of all places imaginable, Iowa!—in what has to be the one of the most […]

Mother Nature’s Emissaries

Jane is walking down the street, lost in her thoughts, when suddenly she hears someone cry out. Turning toward the sound, she sees that an elderly man has fallen on […]

Fault Lines: Whose Fault is it When Relationships Quake

Fault lines in the earth are lines that trace boundaries between Earth’s tectonic plates. In an active fault, the pieces of the Earth’s crust along the fault move over time […]

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