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Alarming Health Statistics vs Wellness Revolution

On March 23rd, Womens featured an article about Atlanta’s Spelman College. It said: The historically black college for women decided it was time to do something major to redraw […]

Good News! Continuing Education Hours for Nurses

Just in time to celebrate the New Year, the American Holistic Nurses Association has approved education “contact hours” for nurses for taking the course of instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique (at a special discounted medical professionals fee) from a certified TM teacher in any state except California and Iowa.

I believe that this is a great leap forward in AHNA offerings to enhance a practitioner’s capacity. Most education hours involve gaining more clinical knowledge or skill, but learning the TM technique will unfold the practitioner’s mental and physical potential enabling her to expand her skill set and comprehension more easily. It will increase intelligence, creativity, focus, energy, good health and stamina while reducing fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. As health professionals, we can feel secure in the knowledge that all of these benefits are verified by extensive, published, peer-reviewed research.

Reducing Stress for Women with Breast Cancer

The simple but remarkable fact about breast cancer is that two of its most significant risk factors are gender (being a woman) and aging. Not much can be done to […]

An Antidote to Nursing Stress: The Transcendental Meditation Technique

I am one of those people who knew by age five that I wanted to be a nurse. My idol was my aunt — a 1950s registered nurse, looking crisp and competent in her white uniform, going off to work in a large, brick, city hospital. She was confident and caring, and I knew that the people she touched would heal.

Women and Heart Disease: A Risk at Every Age

According to recent research presented at the 2014 American Heart Association Sessions on quality of care and outcomes, young to middle-aged women may have worse long term outcomes after experiencing […]

Health Care or Disease Care?

Has anyone other than health care administrators and politicians actually read the Obama plan for health care reform? It is long and complex and can give you a migraine just […]

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